San Francisco Nut Co.                            20 C Pimentel Ct.  7&8
                                                                                             Novato CA 94949
                                                                                             (415)884-9420 (415)884-9421   


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PAGE 3    NUTS  DRIED FRUITS & SEEDS 1-415-884-9420
call to order or email we are located in Novato California
just north of the GoldenGate Bridge (SHIP SAME DAY!)UPS
  apple ring           diced apple   turkish apricot   diced       Calf. apricot   Tart Cherry   strawberry
blueberry               mission figs       pears          peaches       cranberries     plums         currants
golden raisin       black raisin   dates         chopped dates     coconut chips         flake     macaroon
pineapple           banana chip     mango        papaya          ginger
poppy seed    sunflower seed   sesame seed   pumpkin seed  R&S pepitas       flax seed
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