bookkeeping for truckers

While they’re theoretically distinct, the line between them is somewhat blurred. We recommend updating your books on a daily basis so you can make sure all the details of your transactions are fresh in your mind. The accounting software recommended in this article comes with mobile apps, so even if you’re not at your desk, you have no excuse! If you find it difficult to find time to update your books daily, at least aim to update them weekly.

If you’re also using truck management software, you can usually link the two and automate your IFTA responsibilities completely. One of the primary problems with managing your small business accounting is the sheer amount of time and energy it takes. Running a trucking company alone is enough work to keep you busy, and trying to do both is a lot to handle at once. In addition to keeping records of your expenses, you should have documents that prove their validity, such as receipts, trip logs, and account statements. All businesses need to keep track of their expenses, but it’s more challenging in some industries than others.

Rental With Tax – Expanded Ledger

Our guide to the top trucking accounting software is backed by over two decades of research and user reviews, weighing key factors like IFTA reporting and mileage tracking. Technology has grown rapidly and drastically impacted different aspects of society by streamlining various complex processes. Regarding the trucking industry, numerous software currently exists to help truck drivers and owner-operators in different administrative functions, including bookkeeping.

If figuring out your IFTA taxes takes more than 20 minutes, you’re spending too much time on it. With TruckingOffice PRO, we have a specific report that will immediately tell you exactly what you owe. Per diem pay is a type of non-taxable IRS reimbursement that covers meal and other expenses that you have as a truck driver when you’re away from home. Taking your per diems correctly is important because doing so can increase your take-home pay and reduce your gross income, which means you owe the IRS less money. In order to qualify for a per diem, you must be away from home for the night.

Maintenance and Depreciation

For owner-operators looking to learn and personally engage in bookkeeping processes, some tips make the whole process much more straightforward. Here are the best tips for managing the bookkeeping for a trucking business. Evidently, owner-operators need to understand bookkeeping for their businesses. However, for most people, it remains a complicated endeavor, and in such a scenario, there are other options business owners can take to ensure they do not make mistakes. Logbooks are your best proof of entitlement to per diem expenses, which are primarily comprised of meal costs.

It also integrates seamlessly with TruckingOffice, a trucking management system that helps you manage your dispatches and business expenses, as well as prepare your IFTA reports. For trucker drivers who prefer to spend their off-duty time resting up for their next long-haul trip, hiring a bookkeeper can be a great investment. Bookkeepers can be a great source of financial knowledge and may be able to share valuable insight that can improve your business’ overall performance.

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