Marijuana Withdrawal & Detox: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment & More

Some research suggests that women may experience a greater number withdrawal symptoms of higher intensity when compared with men. Has obtained funding from Pfizer (GRAND Awards, including salary support) for investigator‐initiated projects. Has some in‐kind donation of cannabis product from Aurora and medication donation from Pfizer and Bioprojet and was provided a coil for TMS […]

Mirtazapine Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

The authors recently conducted a first open label study evaluating the acute phase efficacy of mirtazapine for treating both the depressive symptoms and the drinking of persons with comorbid AD/MDD. Previous studies involving mirtazapine had not assessed level of drinking as an outcome variable. Results from our recent open label study [5] suggest robust acute […]

Alcohol and Your Brain: The Latest Scientific Insights

It is a common finding that one could perceive that alcohol is most of the time in the list of risk factors for various diseases. Alcohol has been found to adversely affect our immune system and the matter of concern as far as this issue is concerned is that immune responses are influenced by even […]